Arrow: 5 predictions for the season 6 finale

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The season 6 finale of Arrow is almost upon us. Before it arrives, check out some predictions we have for the season’s explosive culmination.

While season 6 of Arrow hasn’t been the show’s strongest outing, it’s undoubtedly had its moments. From Black Siren’s storyline to Ricardo Diaz’s ascension, the season has definitely stepped it up in the second half. But after a year full of multiple Big Bads, morally conflicted doppelgängers and a corrupt Star City, the Oliver Queen/Ricardo Diaz chapter is about to come to an explosive end.

With such an integral episode almost upon us, it’s safe to say that we’re more than a little excited. The possibilities for this finale are endless. But, with that in mind, let’s take a look at 5 predictions we have for the Arrow Season 6 finale.

5. A New Team Arrow member will leave

One of Arrow‘s more infuriating angles this season saw some pretty forced conflict between the old and new members of Team Arrow. While Oliver, Felicity and Diggle were busy being hypocrites by spying on their teammates, Dinah, Curtis and Rene were justifiably upset by the invasion of their privacy. But before we could champion NTA, they began acting out-of-character, throwing the mission in order to help Dinah kill Black Siren.

While the teams eventually worked things out, it doesn’t change the fact that we had to sit through episodes in which our favorite characters behaved bizarrely. But it did make us realize one crucial thing: Arrow‘s cast is far too big. If all the characters aren’t just mindlessly saving the day in the background, they have to be split off into groups—simply because there isn’t enough screen time to give every single character a storyline. And thus, we were forced to watch this bizarre civil war.

This season saw the addition of Juliana Harkavy and Rick Gonzalez, as well as the return of original cast member Katie Cassidy. While Season 7 will be losing original members Willa Holland and Paul Blackthorne, it will gain the returning Arrow veteran Colton Haynes. So, the losses are relatively evened out, and the cast is still too big. Thus, it’s likely that we will lose another character.

With the Team Arrow civil war over, it’s unlikely that we’ll just go back to a huge team full of underdeveloped characters. So, there’s a strong possibility that some of the new Team Arrow members could be taking their leave. Wild Dog definitely seems the most likely at this point. The character has been the most troublesome of the pack, turning fans against him completely. Moreover, recent episodes do suggest that he might retire to look after his daughter. However, Dinah Drake and Curtis Holt might struggle due to their similarities with other, more important characters (Laurel Lance and Felicity Smoak).

With a cast that is still too large, it’s possible that we may see another character depart before next season. And unfortunately, the New Team Arrow members are the most expendable right now.