Arrow: 5 predictions for the season 6 finale

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3. Black Siren’s redemption will come full circle

One of Arrow Season 6’s highlights has been the addition of Black Siren. After the show sorely missed her in Season 5, it was wonderful to see CW veteran (and the first leading lady of the Arrowverse) Katie Cassidy back where she belonged. Portraying the evil version of her previous character, Laurel Lance, Cassidy gave us a fun but layered performance as the villain.

But over the course of the season, we got to see Earth-2 Laurel bond with Quentin Lance (the father of Earth-1 Laurel). Their relationship ended up being one of the highlights of the season, and was clearly pushing the villain towards the light. Although we did question her quite often, she ultimately came through for Team Arrow at Oliver’s trail. Betraying Diaz, Black Siren then sought out the Big Bad and unleashed her Scream on him. And she came so close to ending the threat once and for all until he blindsided her with a power-dampener.

With Laurel already having done the right thing, you can bet that the redemption arc will come full-circle in the finale. We do see an angry Siren in the promo for the episode — in which she tells someone that she’s going to kill them. Could she finally get her hands on Diaz and save Team Arrow from his corrupt reign of terror? Whatever happens, it’s highly likely that Black Siren will end this season with redemption. The villain will become the hero (or antihero, at least). But could we be looking at the next Black Canary?