X-Men Gold: The best Marvel comic book out

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Old school vibe with a new school feel

Kitty Pryde, now in the role of Cyclops and Professor Xavier, brought the team back to their roots. She isn’t just leading the alpha team, she’s leading the entire X-Men, the school, and in some cases the entire mutant race. A role she’s been groomed for. Kitty went from timid kid to the leader of the X-Men. Kitty was always outspoken (she once called Professor Xavier a jerk), so she fit right into her role as leader and her teammates immediately respected her as well. She isn’t hiding her Jewish roots and she also isn’t taking any prisoners. Kitty isn’t using Cyclops’ idea of training kids to be in an army and she isn’t using their place as just a school. The X-Men have become a sanctuary for mutants. This is reminiscent of the early days and also the post X-Men leather uniforms.

The X-Men may have been a school, but that wasn’t their emphasis. It’s hard to stay in class when your school keeps getting blown up. Now, they’re in the middle of Central Park and just living their lives. There is still training in the Danger Room, but it now seems optional. Also, they seem happier. Not being forced to help save the world has given them the freedom to live their lives how they want to. This also leaves opportunities for characters like Ink (who has been used more) and Armor to join the roster.

One of the best parts is it looks like Kitty and Colossus are finally going to tie the knot. It’s been over 20 years in the making, but it’s been worth the wait. They’ve still had the ups and downs that every comic book engagement has had and that’s the way it should be. Getting the two of them back together gives old fans a sense of nostalgia and also some closure to their story.