X-Men Gold: The best Marvel comic book out

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Image Source: Marvel Comics

Unbeatable writing

First, putting Kitty Pryde in charge was genius. A new person in charge negates the fans going, “Same old X-Men story line and team.” Second, Logan wasn’t the star. People suffer from too much Wolverine. Him not saving the day all the time means the rest of the team can shine. There has also been the return of characters we know and love. Mojo, Gambit, and Rogue (who’s been an Avenger for the past few years) have all made appearances. There’s even been an  updated version of the Sentinels. If there is one thing that says X-Men, it’s fighting Sentinels.

All of the topics on social justice and great artwork and action wouldn’t mean anything without the amazing writing behind it. Marc Guggenheim has taken everything we love about the X-Men and given us stories that are deep, exciting, and easy to follow. Guggenheim has breathed life back into the X-Men. The arc with them in Limbo was good, but it didn’t seem like the X-Men.  It felt good to see the X-Men in New York again. They don’t hide or run from problems. They stay and fight. Even when Cyclops left to start Utopia, he let the world know where they were.

There’s also the romance. It’s not just Colossus and Kitty who are getting hot and heavy. Nightcrawler and Rachel Grey are also together. Their relationship was introduced in a way that made sense and worked with the continuity. It’s fun to watch Nightcrawler become awkward when Rachel would get intimate with him. Even with their romance, there has been a hint of drama. Nightcrawler can’t die and got to Heaven and Rachel has been becoming intimidated by her newfound power upgrade.