Ms. Marvel: 7 actresses who could play Kamala Khan

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4. Linnea Berthelsen

Not much is known about the Danish actress who burst onto the scene in Netflix’s Stranger Things 2. Berthelsen’s character, Kali (008), was the sister of Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven. What stands out is how she pulled off being vulnerable, nurturing, and an absolute bad ass at the same time. Although she wasn’t part of the entire season, her performance left a lasting impression. She was a rebel, a leader who lived life on the edge and had no issue with taking the lives of those who got in her way.

Berthelsen’s character, compared to who she is in real life was transformative, from the darkness surrounding her eyes that paled in comparison to the anger that painted her pupils to the shaved head and bad ass attitude.

While Kali was a lot darker than Kamala Khan, Berthelsen has everything you would want to play her. There’s this kindness in her eyes that follows her smile and together it makes her perfect to play a wide-eyed teenage superhero. Stranger Things was her first major credited role and why not make Ms. Marvel her feature film debut?