Ms. Marvel: 7 actresses who could play Kamala Khan

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2. Naomi Scott 

Naomi Scott is a 25-year old actress of Indian and Gujarati descent who got an early introduction to Disney on the UK short-lived series, Life Bites as Megan. Scott’s role in Power Rangers as  Kimberly Hart is part of why we think she’d be perfect for Ms. Marvel.  While she doesn’t have the religious shackles, her Power Rangers characters does rebel against her norm. Kimberly was a teenage girl who found herself at a crossroads with her mean girl crew.

No longer wanting to fit in, she chopped off her hair and started hanging out with the a ragtag group of teens. Though the movie doesn’t go into a deep look inside her character the evolution of her past life and who she becomes is clear and perfect comparison to Kamala Khan.

There’s no hiding Scott’s potential, in fact, her looks and acting chops is the reason why she was picked to star alongside Mena Massoud in Guy Ritchie’s live-action adaption of Aladdin. Naomi Scott is a star on the rise and with Disney obviously recognizing her talents, it’ll make sense for them to continue to capitalize off of the young star.