The Flash: 4 predictions for the season 4 finale

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3. Cecile will become Team Flash’s secret weapon

Another of this season’s major storylines saw Cecile Horton announce her pregnancy to Joe West. Having already been a father to Iris and Wally, not to mention Barry too, Joe was fearful that he was too old to do it all again. But he soon realized that a child with Cecile was exactly what he wanted. However, as we should expect on The Flash, things soon became a little unusual.

A few months into her pregnancy, Cecile suddenly began hearing people’s thoughts. But her initial excitement about being a telepath soon disappeared when she couldn’t sleep due to the fact that she constantly heard Joe’s thoughts. Harry helped her out by creating the Cerebral Inhibitor (a device prophesied by Savitar to be DeVoe’s foil) to intercept the brainwaves. But when Team Flash modified it to use it against DeVoe, the villain uses Killgore’s abilities to render the device useless. But what if the device isn’t the only way to defeat DeVoe?

It seems a little too coincidental that Cecile gained physic powers in the same season of The Flash that is literally all about the importance of the mind. So we have to wonder: Could she be the key to defeating DeVoe? The Thinker is always one step ahead of the team because his mind has calculated all the possible outcomes of any encounter. But the Central City D.A. can read minds. Perhaps she could intercept the villain’s thoughts and relay them back to Team Flash. If anything, it would even the odds and allow for a much fairer fight.

Cecile’s storyline has provided us with a lot of laughs all season. But perhaps it was much deeper than we ever thought. Perhaps Team Flash’s greatest weapon was there all along and we just didn’t see it. Could Cecile be the hero we’ve been looking for?