Arrow: 5 major questions we have after season 6 finale

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2. Will Rene retire from crimefighting?

Rene Ramirez hasn’t exactly been Arrow’s most lovable character this season, but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t had his own demons to contend with. After being shot at (and bruised), badly beaten by Oliver and facing death on multiple occasions, Rene had doubts about continuing his crime-fighting career as Wild Dog. In fact, when he returned to battle, he suffered from PTSD — fearful that he would die, rendering his daughter Zoe an orphan. But alas, he continued to fight for his city at her request

However, in the season finale, Rene found himself in yet another deathly situation — which was the closest call yet. Unable to move due to a bomb’s laser tripwires, he called his daughter and emotionally told her how proud he was of her.

While this was undoubtedly a beautiful moment, it happened early in the episode and, as the threat was quickly neutralized, we were left wondering what purpose the scene actually served. After all, we already knew his fears heading into the finale. Perhaps it took place to show Agent Watson that these vigilantes are human, or perhaps to incite the later conversation between Oliver and Rene. However, perhaps the scene was a precursor of what is to come. Maybe the latest brush with death will have long-term ramifications which could lead to Rene’s retirement as a hero.

The Arrow cast will be considerably large next season. Thus, we might see one of the newbie heroes depart. And after the finale, it does seem like Rene may be the one to finally step down.