Arrow: 5 major questions we have after season 6 finale

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3. Will Ricardo Diaz return with the Longbow Hunters?

In season finales, we expect to see some type of closure. While cliffhangers and teases are also common practice, the season’s main arc tends to reach some form of conclusion. While Arrow‘s Season 6 finale did indeed provide us with a little closure, it subverted the norm and left the main storyline wide open. Ricardo Diaz didn’t necessarily escape unscathed, courtesy of Oliver and Laurel, but he escaped nonetheless. And now, he’s in the wind (or “in the water”). Thus, it’s almost a certainty that he will return in some capacity next season. But will he be the Big Bad (or one of the Big Bads?).

Earlier in the episode, Diaz referred to the Longbow Hunters as his “friends”. The team then briefly discussed the ancient faction, claiming that even the League was afraid of them. Flash forward to the episode’s conclusion, we see a beaten Diaz sitting in a new base surrounded by more henchmen. As the FBI had already apprehended everyone on his payroll, freeing the city, we have to wonder where the new henchmen came from. Could they have been provided by the Longbow Hunters? And if so, will Diaz return with the Hunters in tow?

The Longbow Hunters were formed by Richard Dragon in the comics so it would make complete sense for Diaz to introduce them to Star City in the show. With Oliver gone, it might seem like the perfect time for him to make his return. But with Team Arrow more determined than ever, and a vengeful Black Siren on the warpath, it’s likely that Ricardo Diaz will need an army of his own — and he may have found one.