Arrow: 5 major questions we have after season 6 finale

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 4. What’s next for Black Siren?

All season long, Quentin has been doing his best to find good in Earth-2’s Laurel Lance. While she was the doppelgänger of his beloved Laurel, Black Siren was adamant that there wasn’t a shred of decency in her. However, her body language and actions suggested otherwise. And this all came to a head at Oliver’s trial when Laurel did the right thing and turned against Diaz.

Having been kidnapped by Diaz, Laurel was eventually aided by Quentin and Team Arrow. And she finally got to unleash her fury on Diaz when she screamed him off a rooftop and all the way into the ocean. But with her “father” gone (after sacrificing himself for her), we have to wonder what’s next for Laurel.

With Season 6 behind us, we can say that this former villain has redeemed herself on multiple occasions. The darkness may be still there, but it’s no longer the driving force behind her actions. With Oliver behind bars and Quentin’s death, Star City will need all the help it can get. Thus, could we see Laurel lend a hand as a solo vigilante for a while? Although she has overcome a lot of her demons, she may not be ready to become a fully-fledged member of Team Arrow just yet. But with Diaz still on the loose, you can rest assured that this Siren will be looking to avenge Quentin’s death. But is there a Canary-shaped place waiting for her on Team Arrow?