Memorial Day 2018: Honoring the fallen superheroes

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Superheroes, KANSAS CITY, KS – MAY 12: The American flag waves during the national anthem prior to the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series KC Masterpiece 400 at Kansas Speedway on May 12, 2018 in Kansas City, Kansas. (Photo by Brian Lawdermilk/Getty Images)

In honor of Memorial Day, let’s look back at the fallen superheroes of cinema.

Plenty of superheroes have perished in movies, so let’s honor them on this national holiday that commemorates soldiers that fought in wars.

Memorial Day is a day set aside to honor the soldiers who have fought and died in active service. This isn’t to be confused with Veteran’s Day which honors everyone who has served in the United States armed forces. Memorial Day commemorates those who made the ultimate sacrifice and died protecting the freedom and rights we enjoy. If not for those people who died, I wouldn’t have the freedom of press I am enjoying right now.

Nerd culture has done a decent job showing respect for those who have died protecting our rights. In comic books, there have been multiple variant covers dedicated to the military, scenes like Captain America punching Hilter, and so many other things have been used to let people know that they respect the military. In movies, there have been characters that have died protecting or trying to protect the country, world, or the universe. Just recently we’ve seen Gamora die in Avengers: Infinity War, Nick Fury is a character who has always been willing to put his life on the line for the right cause, and Havok died in X-Men: Apocalypse trying to save his friends.

Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor started almost dying from the first scene. He was a spy for the U.S. Government playing on the side of the Germans during World War II.

First, Trevor’s plane crashed in the ocean and he almost drowned. Then, he ends up on Themyscira where he was almost put to death. At the end of Wonder Woman, Trevor died saving the world. All of this because he knew he had a job to do as a soldier.

Trevor didn’t have the power of Wonder Woman or the fighting skill. What he did have was a huge heart and a need to do the right thing. Every time Trevor almost died it led to something major happening that turned the tide of the war. It’s those moments that make soldiers great. Running head first into a situation knowing that you could die and still going through with it. Unlike most of the people on this list, Trevor doesn’t have any superpowers. All he had was the want to make the world peaceful.