Memorial Day 2018: Honoring the fallen superheroes

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James “Bucky” Barnes

Bucky has been Steve Rogers best friend since the early 1900s. He was also Steve’s protector. Whenever Rogers would find himself getting bullied by the local bully, Bucky always seemed to be there to beat the bully up and send him packing. Bucky also did him best to try and stop Rogers from joining the military in fear that his frail friend would die.

This kindness was rewarded when Rogers saved Bucky from the experiments of Arnim Zola and Red Skull. The celebration would be short-lived. While on a mission to capture Zola, Bucky was shot out of a moving train on a mountain protecting his best friend.

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We find out in Captain America: Winter Soldier that Bucky didn’t die during this mission. He was found by Hydra and reanimated as an assassin. That’s shouldn’t take away from the sacrifice that Bucky made. Buck Barnes almost died twice fighting for the U.S. Military. If you don’t want to count this, Bucky technically died in Avengers: Infinity War. While it’s more than likely that he will return, as of now he’s dead.