The Flash: Major questions we have after the season 4 finale

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The Flash’s fourth season finale saw the show’s main arc come to an end. But it left us with some major questions for the next season.

The Season 4 finale of The Flash saw The Thinker’s plan for Enlightenment reach its culmination. In an episode that saw speed take on brainwaves and love take on knowledge, Barry Allen met Clifford DeVoe in a battle of the minds. Moreover, we also saw a familiar face return and the official debut of a long-teased character. It was undoubtedly an eventful episode that has left us with a lot to think about going forward.

But while we now have some answers, the finale left us with a lot more questions. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 5 major questions we’re left with as we look ahead to Season 5.

1. What did Nora do?

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While Team Flash was busy battling Clifford DeVoe throughout the past year, they didn’t notice Central City’s newest arrival. Making brief appearances throughout the season, Mystery Girl often showed up in the post-outro teasers. She made her debut at Barry and Iris’s wedding and has since split a drink on Caitlin and delivered flowers to Joe and Cecile. But while we all speculated about her identity, the show never revealed it… until now. As we all saw in the finale, Mystery Girl’s true identity is none other than Nora Allen — Barry and Iris’s daughter.

Showing up in the finale, Nora told everyone how she was from the future before exclaiming that she had made a huge mistake. So, we are left wondering: What did she do in her time? And what made her travel back to a time where she didn’t exist?

There is a theory that suggests Barry may have actually died after punching the satellite (like Marlize suggested) and that Nora went back in time to save him. This would obviously have altered the timeline, creating Nora’s very own Flashpoint. But the problem with this theory is Iris would have to be pregnant with Nora now — because if she isn’t, and Barry died after punching the satellite, Nora would never have been born.

All we can say is that if Nora’s big mistake is related to the timeline, then she’s definitely Barry’s daughter. The Scarlet Speedster once had a knack for meddling with time. And after a break from speedsters and timelines in Season 4, it might be nice to see speedster mythology return next season. But alas, the question remains: What did Nora do?