The Flash: Major questions we have after the season 4 finale

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3. Where is Killer Frost?

While season finales tend to leave us with some questions, The Flash left us with a major loose end: Killer Frost. After Caitlin’s icy persona disappeared upon DeVoe’s request, the show led us to believe that we would see her return before the end of the season. From Caitlin’s tries to get her to manifest once more, to the penultimate episode’s shocking reveal about Killer Frost’s pre-particle accelerator origins, we were hoping to see her return in the finale. But it appears that this was all a tease for Season 5.

Although she started off as a completely separate (and villainous) entity, Killer Frost has bonded with “Caity”. The two found common ground as the ice queen allowed Caitlin to maintain control of her body while Frost would show up when she was in danger. The unlikely duo began communicating with each other through the use of post-it notes. And it seemed like they might actually become friends, until DeVoe ripped that chance away.

But now that we know Killer Frost is still out there, we will likely get some answers in Season 5. Moreover, given the icy flashback, we could see an incredibly important storyline for Caitlin next year. Let’s hope so!