The Flash: Major questions we have after the season 4 finale

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4. Will Cisco and Gypsy reunite in Season 5?

One of Season 4’s side arcs explored the relationship between Cisco and Earth-19’s Gypsy. Having showcased their undeniable chemistry in Season 3, “MultiVibe” made things official in Season 4. But due to them both living on separate Earths, their loved-up moments were far and few between. Moreover, the arrival of Gypsy’s father, Breacher (portrayed by Danny Trejo), made things harder for them. In spite of the obstacles, they persevered for the majority of the season.

But eventually, the multiverse caught up to them and they couldn’t overcome its obstacles. Although Gypsy was happy with their current arrangements, it wasn’t enough for Cisco. So the pair amicably made the decision to break up. While this could be the end of their story, it seems unlikely.

Given that the storyline was one of Season 4’s secondary arcs, we thought that it would be at least mentioned in the season finale. But, much like with the Killer Frost situation, the closure we hoped for never came. So we’re left wondering: Could Cisco and Gypsy’s relationship also be revisited in Season 5?

It’s always a joy to see Jessica Camacho guest star on the show as Gypsy. And quite frankly, we couldn’t imagine Cisco with anyone else. Although we didn’t get our answers in the Season 4 finale, let’s hold out hope that Season 5 will be MultiVibe’s year.