Avengers: Infinity War absentees most likely to appear in Avengers 4

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Valkyrie and Korg

Thor: Ragnarok introduces several fantastic new characters to the MCU. When the God of Thunder crash lands on Sakaar he immediately runs into trouble with the locals. Thor is sort of saved by fellow Asgardian, Valkyrie, who turns out to be all sorts of trouble herself.

Tessa Thompson has never been more charismatic as the warrior woman and fans of Ragnarok would have been overjoyed to see her in Infinity War. The chances of her appearing were actually quite good considering she is standing side by side with Thor at the end of Ragnarok. The same goes for the unexpectedly humorous Kronan Korg.

Ragnarok director Taika Waititi inserts himself into all of his films and in Ragnarok he hysterically lends a high pitched voice to the rebellious rock-man. Korg is one of many fan favorites that survive the Asgardian apocalypse along with Valkyrie, Loki, Heimdall, and Hulk. The latter three all find their way into the thrilling opening Infinity War sequence.

Infinity War begins with Thanos and his “children” massacring half the passengers on board Thor’s vessel, while some escape pods seemingly flee the spacecraft safely. Valkyrie and Korg are not referenced during the attack, so the only reason to think they may pop up in Avengers 4 would be the combination of their popularity and the practical storytelling opportunity of having two surviving heroes begin a new revolution, Revengers style.