Avengers: Infinity War absentees most likely to appear in Avengers 4

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Aunt May and Happy Hogan

These two are predictions based on their connections to principal characters and what happened to those heroes in Infinity War.

Peter Parker’s Aunt May meets Tony Stark when the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist recruits the teen-aged web-slinger in Captain America: Civil War. Aunt May thinks that Peter is interning for Mr. Stark but catches him donning his Spidey suit in the closing moments of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Because of the Infinity War’s whirlwind of occurrences – Spider-Man swings into the fight against the Black Order, then chases Ebony Maw onto his annular ship and never makes a return trip to Earth – there is no time for Peter to check-in with his aunt.

Spider-Man is one of the 50 percent that is whisked away by Thanos’ finger snap, so if Aunt May is among the leftovers, she no doubt is worried sick about her dear nephew. Parker’s heartbreaking death hit Stark hard and having to break the news to May when he travels back to Earth would offer the type of compelling interaction that Avengers 4 is practically required to provide in response to Infinity War’s tragic ending.

Iron Man can also potentially reunite with Pepper and Rhodey and Cap and Natasha … okay Happy may be a little far down on Tony’s list to really count on Jon Favreau reprising his role as Stark’s employee/best bud. With no solo Iron Man movies on the horizon, Happy has fewer opportunities to stand around looking grumpy, unless he becomes a regular Spider-Man supporting player. Still, Happy may just be the man to console his friend with Burger King cheeseburgers in the next Avengers feature.