Avengers: Infinity War absentees most likely to appear in Avengers 4

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Nakia and Agent 13

Now we are getting further away from some of the more obvious absent Infinity War characters likely to resurface during the events of Avengers 4. The inclusion of these two women would strictly depend on which direction the plot takes.

Nakia has a close relationship with T’Challa. Since Black Panther ended with the expansion of Wakandan International outreach, her absence during the Battle of Wakanda probably means she was working out of country. With the king now missing in action, it would make sense for Nakia to return home. We do not yet know the fate of Princess Shuri, therefore it may be necessary for Nakia to step in and act as an interim leader.

Sharon Carter slowly grows into Steve Rogers’ love interest during the Russo Brothers two other Marvel films, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War. The directors don’t include her in Infinity War and may decide to remedy that for their final MCU outing.

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With half of the heroes out of the equation, including Cap’s main men Sam and Bucky, it’s possible for Steve to reach out to the CIA agent for additional assistance or maybe just some companionship. Unlike Nakia, who would be back in a Black Panther sequel regardless of her role in other Marvel movies, Avengers 4 seems like it would be the last chance for Sharon Carter and Steve Rogers to resolve their relationship arc.