Marvel’s Daredevil: Shadowland could be the perfect story

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Fun story and amazing fight scenes

No matter how fans of a comic there are, the story has to be entertaining to the masses. The Shadowland story adds a good amount of moral questions. Among them, how far is too far? With Punisher, he was all about killing the people who deserve it. Meanwhile, Matt Murdock wants people to serve time for their crimes. If Daredevil was to lose his cool and start killing, he would become everything he’s hated. But, the question has to be asked, does Daredevil’s way not work anymore?

The regular person may be scared of the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, but Bullseye, Wilson Fisk, and the others are not. Eventually, even the common thug would realize that he’s not a killer and they’ll stop being intimidated as well.

Another thing that Shadowland brings up is friendship. When you have a friend who goes to a dark place, what do you do? Luke Cage and Danny Rand were put in a position to decide whether or not to put their friend down for good. Before that, Iron Man, Captain America (Bucky Barnes) and Thor told them to deal with it or they would. If they went into the situation, Murdock might not have survived or put into a prison for good. Being arrested by the Avengers would have disgraced Daredevil’s good name.

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Shadowland has everything you could want from a television series. Strong characters represented by multiple races, an amazing story, and tons of action. I’m also sure they could squeeze in a hallway fight scene. It would be a shame if this series didn’t make it to Netflix.