Arrow season 6: Ranking its 10 best moments

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6. Black Siren finally stands up to Diaz

In a season full of enigmas, Black Siren’s arc was easily the most unorthodox. Although the villain continued to show promising signs of decency, she almost always chose the darkness within. Having already aligned with Zoom, Adrian Chase and Cayden James, she then sided with Diaz. But it was soon revealed that she did so out of fear of what he might do to Quentin. While many viewers had a problem with this logic (Siren was a much more skilled combatant and could literally squash Diaz with a single Scream), her fear was very convincing.

Although she protested against “doing the right thing”, she ultimately chose the heroes’ side at court, protecting Oliver during his trial and turning against Diaz. Inspired by Quentin, she chose not to run and instead faced him head-on. Showing up at the docks, she finally blasted Diaz with her Canary Cry and skilfully took out his men in seconds.

Although Diaz managed to render her Cry ineffective, this highly-anticipated moment undoubtedly delivered. Laurel had finally stood up to Diaz and showed him that she wasn’t afraid of him. She also showed us all just how powerful she really is.