Arrow season 6: Ranking its 10 best moments

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4. Quentin and Oliver’s last chat

The deepest blow that the season finale dealt to us was undoubtedly the death of Quentin Lance. A veteran of the show, the former SCPD captain had been through so much that it was impossible not to feel something for him. Having lost his daughter, Sara, only to regain her and lose her again to regain her for good before losing his other daughter Laurel, it’s safe to say that Quentin deserved a lot better than the cards that were dealt to him. But one person who has been there for it all was Oliver Queen. And he was right there at the very end, too.

As Quentin prepared for surgery, he told Oliver how much he had grown into a great father. A tearful Oliver then told him that he “had a good teacher”. This was one of the season’s most emotional moments and it definitely had us in a state. But it registered with us so deeply, simply because of the troubled relationship that these two had over the years.

There was a time when Quentin hated Oliver, blaming him for both of Sara’s deaths. Moreover, that younger Oliver had no issues tearing the Lance family apart. Thus, the hospital scene tapped into the pair’s rich history and as we knew it was Paul Blackthorne’s final episode, it was a beautifully executed farewell moment that highlighted just how far Quentin and Oliver had come in six years.