X-Men: 5 worst performances from Fox’s Marvel franchise

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4. Iceman (Shawn Ashmore): Not like the comic

In defense of Shawn Ashmore, he is a very good actor. In fact, he was amazing for the material he was given. The script wasn’t written for the Bobby Drake that we are used to seeing. The one who cracked jokes, was free-spirited, and insecure. This was a quiet Bobby Drake who was incredibly confident and in some cases a leader. In X2: X-Men United, Bobby set the example for the rest of the students by fighting and helping save the students. He even saved Wolverine. So what puts him on the list? He was very boring.

Iceman isn’t supposed to be boring. It’s understandable that this was a more serious movie, but if Wolverine can make jokes, why can’t Iceman? This was a perfect example of getting lemons and making lemonade.

Ashmore played the role as best he could, but it wasn’t a good representation of the character. I didn’t look at him and think “Iceman.” He was just a guy who’s only joke or any resemblance of a personality was chilling Logan’s soda. This may seem like harsh criticism, but, ask yourself, if Bobby Drake never used his powers, would you be interested?