How Batman’s universe shapes the DCEU’s future

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Chris McKay Nightwing solo movie

Deeper than Harley Quinn and Barbara’s connection to Batman is Nightwing. The DCEC has been teasing a Nightwing film for some time, but nothing is imminent. Nightwing aka Dick Grayson is arguably comic book’s greatest sidekick. He has a rich history with the Dark Knight and as a solo hero which is why fans are eager to see him on the big screen. More importantly, his connection to Batman is another sign that the DCEU is using Batman as the centerpiece to their universe.

Without Batman, there is no Nightwing whose real name is Dick Grayson. Before protecting the city of Bludhaven, Grayson was the first Robin and instrumental in many of Batman’s victories. He was Bruce Wayne’s adoptive son after he became his crime-fighting sidekick. There’s no Nightwing story without Batman. Let’s hope we get to see Batman and the Bat-family in the upcoming solo film. 

Matt Reeves’s Batman film 

Finally, we have Matt Reeves’ Batman film. The film was originally a Ben Affleck production, but when they brought Reeves on, things changed. In fact, there have been conflicting reports on whether or not Affleck will star in Reeves’ film. There isn’t any word on the noir-inspired script or its synopsis. However, we want to see a Batman story where we see some sidekicks — preferably inspired by Death in the Family.

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No matter the story, Reeves film will be the catalyst for the DCEU. It’s no coincidence that so many Batman characters are gearing up for solo films. Walter Hamada has stepped in and changed the complexity of the DCEU. His plans seem to be clear and we can’t help but think he is using Batman as the catalyst of his DC Extended Universe.