DCEU’s Birds of Prey: What introducing the Black Canary means

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How the DCEU can make a Black Canary unique to its universe

There are some linear connections that can be made to tell a perfect Black Canary story. The DCEU should mix and match her origin. It doesn’t mean that her mother can’t be from another earth. Instead, it means her history should act as layers that can be peeled over time. This will allow Black Canary to be her own hero, but also, all the DCEU  to explore a female character in a solo movie — here’s how. 

Dinah Laurel Lance is the daughter of a police officer, Larry Lance. And her mother, Dinah Drake Lance, was the first Black Canary. Unlike the comics, however, there is no Justice League Society in the DCEU so that part of her mother’s history can be omitted. Part of her history should be her being cursed by the Wizard, as an infant in order to grant her the Canary Cry. This would give depth to her mother’s exploits as Black Canary and the enemies she’s made along the way. In fact, having her father’s death tie into her mother’s exploits should be one of the reasons her mother doesn’t want Dinah to become the Black Canary.

Nevertheless, Dinah should have the urge take the mantle as Black Canary. After her extensive training with Wildcat, Dinah feels she’s ready to become Black Canary — despite her mother’s warnings. The dynamic between her and her mother will make for a great story. Furthermore, by having Dinah’s mother lose her life by the hands of her enemy would be great as history repeats itself.