DCEU’s Birds of Prey: What introducing the Black Canary means

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Credit: DC Comics

How Black Canary fits into a Birds of Prey movie

We don’t exactly need to see a Black Canary origin story, yet. However, all of the events mentioned above could be why Dinah opted to join Oracle.  Oracle finds a broken Dinah and offers her salvation. It’s a way for her to once again find her place as a hero —  as a hero for hire.  It’ll give Dinah a chance to escape the life she once had. The initial bitterness between Oracle and Black Canary could be brought on by Barbra knowing so much about Dinah and opting to operate in the shadows. As the layers are peeled back the women can find commonality in their ability to persevere.

Together they could seek out and sway Huntress to join the fight. In fact, reports surfaced that Penguin will join the DCEU. If so, he’ll likely join Harley Quinn as the other antagonist. Oracle and Black Canary won’t be enough to take down Penguin and Harley who’s even more dangerous. So, they must find help, and that’s where the Huntress comes in. In the end, the Birds of Prey are victorious. They lock Harley Quinn up in time for Suicide Squad 2 and Harley see’s what woman empowerment can do. This could see Harley take over as leader of Task Force X. And eventually star in her own movie (Mad Love) that could lead to Gotham City Sirens.