Wonder Woman 1984: How the hell is Steve Trevor alive?

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HOLLYWOOD, CA – MAY 25: Actor Chris Pine arrives at the Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Wonder Woman” at the Pantages Theatre on May 25, 2017 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

For anyone who thought Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor died in the first Wonder Woman movie, Twitter made them think again.

Wonder Woman hit moviegoers hard with Steve Trevor’s death in the 2017 blockbuster film. Everyone saw him say goodbye to Diana Prince, hijack the plane that carried the Doctor Poison-created poison (planned to be unleashed on the world) and detonate the plane in the sky. A moving moment in a mostly lackluster DC Extended Universe, for sure.

That plane exploded in a ball of fire, one everyone would think killed Trevor and made him a beloved one-off character for this franchise. It drove Wonder Woman’s emotions and helped her defeat Ares in one of the film’s final moments.

However, despite the critical acclaim this film received, it’s still based on a comic book, where, basically, nothing is off limits. Do not forget that, especially after a glance at this photo from Wonder Woman 1984 director, Patty Jenkins.

Yes, that’s clearly Chris Pine is 80’s garb, in a mall, surrounded by other men and women in this era’s style. If anyone needed more confirmation, Jenkins said “Steve Trevor.” It’s no joke and might be to avoid anyone leaking spoilers on “Wait, that’s Chris Pine on set? Why is he there?” for the next 18 months, before Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters.

So, the public officially knows that Pine will reprise his role. That’s fine. What’s not clear is how he will show up.

Here’s the question to ponder: How the hell is Steve Trevor alive? No one will know until this sequel hits theaters, so let’s theorize the possibilities.