Wonder Woman 1984: How the hell is Steve Trevor alive?

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Time travel to save Steve Trevor

Okay, so we already, kind of, ruled out time travel as a reason for Steve Trevor’s revival. It can’t be avoided, though, especially after Deadpool 2 introduced an element to save characters from their previous fates.

No, do not expect “If I Could Turn Back Time” by Cher to appear in this movie, but Diana Prince might take a page from her fellow “X” poser. Unknown events can lead her to travel in time, with the development of new technology in the 1980’s, to World War I and rescue Steve, moments before the plane burst into flames. They can return to the present and work towards the fight against Cheetah.

It can’t be that easy, though. What if it’s not new technology but a realization that the watch Steve gave her can actually move through time? Ridiculous, sure, but it’s the comic-book world, folks. A simple but reasonable excuse for almost anything mind-blowing to happen.

So, what if time travel is the reason Steve looks lost in the first-look photo? Again, he does not understand the surroundings of the 1980’s and can’t figure out how to fit in with Jheri curls, large hair-dos, and oversized blazers. He’s even in a tracksuit, which is as 80’s as it gets.

Steve can easily appear out of place via time travel. It’s not the 1910’s anymore, so there are adjustments to be made.