Wonder Woman 1984: How the hell is Steve Trevor alive?

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Earth-1’s Steve Trevor is here

Maybe no time travel happens in Wonder Woman 1984, but what about a Steve Trevor from an alternate Earth? DC’s television products have dove into this on Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl, so could the DCEU open up its universe?

66 years later, it’s difficult to believe that Diana would become desperate enough to find another Earth. Sure, she might not be as naive as her character initially was, after years on Themyscira, but how can anyone blame her for no information on alternate Earths and presuming the love of her life died?

As The Hollywood Reporter noted, the original Steve Trevor came from Earth-2. His story essentially emulates the character from the Wonder Woman movie, so what if that version came from an alternate Earth and the real one remains somewhere on Earth-1?

It still seems off-the-wall crazy, but, with how popular this character was in Wonder Woman, there’s no reason to believe Warner Bros. does not find a way to bring him back. It did this on TV, with the use of Harrison Wells from Earth-2 and dimensions, so this theory feels real.

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However, how is Earth-1 Steve Trevor alive in 1984 when the Earth-2 guy died years before? Usually, as seen on the television shows, these characters live simultaneously, in the same era. That muddies this theory, as it pertains to the same person living in different eras and 66 years apart, which is a multi-generation gap.