Arrow is currently the best Arrowverse show

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CW’s Arrowverse is now occupied by a handful of DC series. While Arrow paved the way, The Flash quickly became a fan favorite. After six years on the air, Arrow is once again making a strong case as the superior superhero show.

Greg Berlanti had a vision of bringing the quintessential live-action version of Green Arrow to super fans. Arrow’s early achievement transformed the CW network into the home of a multi-show interconnected world known as the Arrowverse.

Arrow started as the pillar of this superhero community until The Flash stole its spotlight. Let’s look back at how the shared universe unfolded year by year and how Arrow has come full circle to once again be the ace in the Arrowverse.

Arrow arrives

Once upon a time, Arrow was the only DC show on television. Its advent on the CW filled a superhero hole on the small screen with its kinetic editing and nifty fight intervals.

It doesn’t take long for the Green Arrow to land a bull’s eye by allying with a diverse team and going head to head with rousing anti-heroes like Deadshot and Huntress. Malcolm Merlyn emerged as a dark archer doppelganger with personal ties to Oliver Queen; Merlyn’s grand scheme counts his own son, and Ollie’s best friend, among its collateral damage.

The second year showed no signs of slowing down with Manu Bennett terrorizing our hero as Deathstroke, a suped up maniacal rival of the hooded bowman. Although the finale glimpsed the show’s storytelling fatigue since it did look somewhat similar to the previous year’s as the big bad threatened Star City’s destruction again.