Marvel characters that represent gay pride

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Julio “Rictor” Richter

Rictor’s embrace of Shatterstar wasn’t a shock if you paid attention to what was going on with his character. That said, it was special. It was one of the most passionate embraces I’ve seen in comics. After being mind controlled, the first thing Shatterstar did was kiss Rictor. It was like two lovers who could finally be out in the open and embrace their love for each other without being judged. It was beautiful.

A great thing about their relationship was watching the two of them deal with their differences. On one hand, Shatterstar was confused. He was full of emotions he didn’t understand, Like why kissing other people hurt Rictor. Rictor had a ton of pent-up anger from losing his powers and Shatterstar was scared of losing Rictor after he regained them. The good thing was that the two of them stayed together and helped each other through their issues.

Recently, Rictor said that he and Rictor were on a break. Hopefully this a temporary thing. Shatterstar and Rictor seemed to make each other better. Especially Shatterstar. He needs someone to help guide him through life and also loves him for all of his faults.