Marvel characters that represent gay pride

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics


When Daken was first introduced all we knew is that he was the son of Wolverine. We later learn about him being into both men and women sexually. At first, it seemed like just a way for him to extract information from people.

As time went on, we learn that Daken is actually bi-sexual. Daken does use his sexuality to his advantage, but he truly enjoys the company of both sexes.

No one is as comfortable with his sexuality as Daken. So much so that he has used it to make bigots feel as uncomfortable. A great moment was during his time as an Avenger. Venom (Mac Gargan) thought it’d be funny to make jokes about Daken being soft due to his sexual preference. What Daken did in response was genius. He continuously made Venom feel as uncomfortable as possible.

Daken may seem creepy, but that’s only because he knows how uncomfortable his lifestyle makes people. That’s not his fault that he knows how to use this to his advantage. He’s a perfect example of taking a character and owning who they are without making him cheesy. Daken isn’t an attempt at exploiting gay culture. He’s just a really good character. A good representation of gay pride. Being proud of who you are and not giving in to hatred and bigotry.