Marvel characters that represent gay pride

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics


One of the toughest things for anyone is holding in who you really are inside. Putting on a mask to fit in or to make other people comfortable. For years Iceman was dating women but not having any long time success. In 2012, the original X-Men were brought back from the past to help Beast. During All New X-Men issue 40, Jean read young Iceman’s mind and tells him she knows he’s gay. After a conversation, he admits that it’s true. When the younger Iceman confronted his older self, the elder Iceman admitted that he hoped that he could keep this hidden so he could have one part of his life where he wasn’t persecuted.

Iceman eventually embraced the part that he had kept hidden from everyone. The toughest moment had to have been telling his parents. Neither of them (especially his father) have been supportive of him being an X-Man. When he came out to them, they weren’t civil. At the end of the issue, Iceman’s father said that he blamed himself for Bobby taking so long to be who he was. He said he got the “Not talking about stuff” part from him. It was cool that even though Bobby’s father didn’t understand what his son was going through, he said that he loved him and nothing was going to change that.

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Everything that happened during this story happens in real life. Well, minus fighting the Juggernaut in the middle of the story. A lot of times family and friends don’t know how to respond so it’s met with anger, disappointment, and sometimes they’re disowned. This story does an amazing job showing the issues that come with being who you are inside.