DC Dark/Black: 8 movies we’d like to see in DC’s dark universe

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1. Twilight

Twilight is one of the unknown mini-series from DC Comics with so much to explore. The history of the story lies within three issues comic book series. Twilight, follows the Planeteers and Star Rovers, Star Hawkins, and Space Cabbie.

The first book brings a number of heroes together in a world set 100 years into the future. They must protect mankind from being destroyed by the Methuseloids. The series continues with a renegade hero, Tommy Tomorrow who is called back into action to stop a former comrade.

However, he becomes corrupt with power and his former team must stop him from destroying mankind. The depth and exploration of the characters is minimal which gives creators a ton of room to work with.

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No matter the name, whether it’s DC Dark or DC Black the idea of having an alternative from the DCEU is enticing. With so much content that exists in DC Comics, this can flip the comic book cinema on its head — if done correctly. There are a number stories and characters WB can choose from and we just gave them eight. What do you think? Can the darker side of DC be a success? Who are some of the characters you’d like to see depicted in DC’s dark universe?