Amazing comic book movies that aren’t Marvel or DC Comics

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V for Vendetta

Publisher:  DC Comics, Quality Communications, Vertigo, France, Delcourt, Panini Comics

This isn’t a statement used lightly, but V for Vendetta is the perfect comic book movie. Maybe perfect movie in general. From the time the movie starts until the time it’s finished, the film hits you in every emotion possible. It will make you angry at the way the people are treated. You’ll cry when you hear the story of what happened to V when he was in captivity. In the end, you’ll be happy because things seem to be getting better. There is also a good amount of action. Some may say not enough, but it was placed perfectly to not take away from the story.

V for Vendetta is the closest we will get to a Shakespearean comic book movie. The dialogue was poetry when V used his alliteration to introduce himself to Evey. There was tragedy, heartache, love, hatred, and, of course, a story about revenge.

Hugo Weaving (V) and Natalie Portman (Evey) were phenomenal. They worked off each other brilliantly. Had their chemistry been off even slightly, it would have taken away from the flow. We’ve all seen the Star Wars prequels and can see how she can destroy a role. Weaving had the difficult job of making the audience understand his emotions without seeing his face. Even behind the mask, you could feel the passion with every line delivered.

Then, there are the villains. They were evil and easy to despise. A secret group of people led by the Chancellor (played by John Hurt) who controlled everything in their country from the laws to what they watched on television. To even speak up against them could end up with you getting black bagged and taken away

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There will never be another comic book movie like this. A perfect combination of everything you’ve ever wanted from a comic book movie. Like all comic book movies, some things weren’t added to the movie from the comic. However, the movie was so amazing that people rarely noticed.