Supergirl: 7 questions we have after the season 3 finale

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6. What kind of role will Brainiac 5 play in Season 4?

Amidst all the tears and heartache, Supergirl‘s Season 3 finale did give us one thing to smile about: Brainiac 5 will be sticking around in the present. Half-computer, half-organic lifeform, “Brainy” is a member of the Legion and, most importantly, from the future. But as the finale revealed, the future is no longer safe for him. Thus, he must remain in the present.

The 12th-level intellect’s announcement supported the recent news that Jesse Rath was promoted to a series regular for Season 4. The actor recurred throughout the season before Brainy ventured back to the future. However, we now know that his return in the finale is only the beginning of his story.

With Winn taking his place in the future, we should expect to see Brainy fill Winn’s role in his absence. So, it’s likely that we’ll be hearing plenty of inadvertently sarcastic remarks from the 12-level intellect as he offers guidance and advice to Supergirl from the D.E.O.’s headquarters. But will he have a deeper purpose?

Exploring Brainy’s mind would definitely be an intriguing storyline. Given that he’s an A.I., one may assume that the character can’t really emote (since he isn’t human). However, his comic book counterpart has conveyed emotion before, even falling in love with Supergirl. And during Brainy’s first appearance on the show, he seemed a little in awe of the fact that he was actually speaking to her. So, we have to wonder if the show may travel down the romance route for Brainy and Supergirl next season.

Whatever kind of role he plays, it’s great to have Brainy as a permanent part of the show. Jesse Rath excelled as the character this year and he will undoubtedly do the same again in Season 4.