Supergirl: 7 questions we have after the season 3 finale

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3. Have we seen the last of Mon-El?

One of the worst parts of the season finale came when Mon-El bid us farewell. Though his reasons were genuine and his intentions noble, the moment completely contradicted everything that the show had been pushing towards. After overcoming months of separation, toxic air and even the space-time continuum, Mon-El finally confessed his feelings to Kara towards the end of the season. Though he was still married, his wife Imra had told him to follow his heart and after admirably denying his feelings for the longest time, that’s eventually what he did. So, a fitting culmination of their story would have been a reunion, right? Wrong, apparently.

Instead of following through with what they had promised us, the writers decided to have Mon-El return to the future. While the triumphant exit is definitely fitting of Mon-El, the scene was intentionally written without any romantic chemistry between him and Kara. And considering the fact that they had been pushing this all season, it feels like his exit was decided last minute. There was nothing holding them back anymore, so a farewell kiss should have been an option.

But nonetheless, after Mon-El’s departure, it was confirmed that Chris Wood wouldn’t be returning for Season 4. Although his heroic departure was one of the many signs that highlighted just how much he had grown as a character, it still felt underwhelming — simply because they had brought him back, teased a reunion with Kara only to send him off again without achieving that. So, we’re left wondering if we’ll ever see the character again.

The fact that he is currently with Winn in the future does give us some hope. Since we know that Jeremy Jordan will return, we have to wonder if Winn will bring Mon-El with him. But then again, why wouldn’t this have already been revealed?

Mon-El’s character development proved to be one of the show’s most impactful story arcs. He grew into the man that Kara always knew he could be. But it just doesn’t seem right that he doesn’t get to achieve the happiness that was robbed of him. And it would be a darn shame if he never returns to wrong this right.