X-Men: Actors who should and shouldn’t reprise their X-Men roles

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Credit: 20th Century Fox

Should Disney finally acquire 20th Century Fox, there are several X-Men actors we’d love to see reprise their iconic roles under the MCU banner and then there are the few who should leave the X-Men universe behind.

It seems like every day there is a new report on Disney acquiring the 20th Century Fox owned properties. Recently, Comcast put in a bid that was countered by Disney. Comic book fans have been hoping for this deal to happen so the X-Men franchise can go back home to Marvel and the MCU. We’d get to see scenes like Wolverine VS Hulk and stories like Avengers VS X-Men, and maybe even House of M. But, please, no AXIS.

Some of the actors that have played (or are playing) X-Men characters could get a call about reprising their roles – Michael Fassbender should be Magneto for as long as he wants to – while some might wait for a phone call that may never come (sorry Halle Berry).

Meanwhile, others who weren’t given enough to shine could get another chance. Olivia Munn (Psylocke) is a perfect example. She put the work into her character by training and wasn’t given enough time to really shine. Josh Brolin just started as Cable and should be allowed to continue his role and bring forth X-Force like we’ve seen in the comics. Thankfully, he has a four movie deal.

Should Disney acquire the Fox Marvel franchise, here are some of the actors and actresses that should and shouldn’t come back to reprise their X-Men roles.