X-Men: Actors who should and shouldn’t reprise their X-Men roles

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James McAvoy as Professor Charles Xavier

James McAvoy took the reigns of Professor X and gave us the origin story we never knew we wanted or needed. He played an Xavier with stricter rules and was, well, kind of a jerk. Abusing his psionic powers for his own gain, yelling at Mystique when she was trying to get the team together as unit (sure, the property damage was a bit much) and then becoming a drunk after he got the use of his legs back. This is the Professor X we know now. He isn’t the good and wholesome person we always thought. McAvoy made him mean, but he also made him likable as well. That’s not an easy task.

Verdict: Keep him

McAvoy is an amazing actor. It doesn’t matter what direction Xavier is taken, he’d find a way to play the character and do it brilliantly. Another great part is we could see Xavier get old. He could play the role and grow older as his students did. As students move on, he could stay and resurrect a new class. And when the former X-Men came back, it could be a homecoming. McAvoy is a definite keeper as Professor Xavier