X-Men: Actors who should and shouldn’t reprise their X-Men roles

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Zazie Beetz as Domino

In an article I previously wrote, I talked about how Zazie Beetz was the MVP of Deadpool 2. A month later and my feeling hasn’t changed. Beetz was phenomenal from the moment she stepped on the scene and also stood tall whenever she was on screen. A difficult task when you’re acting next to Josh Brolin and Ryan Reynolds. One amazing thing that people may not have picked up on was her facial expressions. A good example was her look when she saw Juggernaut. The fear, shock, and awe on her face was both funny and brilliant.

Verdict: Keep her

Zazie Beetz is just getting started with her role as Domino. She’s already stated that she sees a Domino solo movie in her future.

"“I would love to see an origin story. I would like to see where Domino came from, because it is kind of a dark and interesting background,” Beetz then said. “With her luck, she doesn’t really have to worry if things are going to go her way or not, because they just do. Which I think lends itself to a lightheartedness and a light-footedness in everything.”"

If the deal goes down, depriving the world of what could be a great solo film would be horrendous. Also, there’s the X-Force movie to think about that she will be just as good in if not better. Also, her powers aren’t aggressive or violent. Perfect for Disney’s PG and PG-13 rating. She won’t have to tone the gun use down because even Bucky and Captain America use guns.