X-Men: Actors who should and shouldn’t reprise their X-Men roles

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Sir Ian McKellen as Magneto

Out of everyone on this list, Sir Ian McKellen had the best performance. It didn’t matter that he wasn’t as big and muscular as Magneto in the comic books. He had what makes Magneto great. He had the presence. When he was on screen he stole the moment. His speeches hit you in the heart and made you feel that maybe mutants should rule the world.

He was also one of the few parts of X-Men: Last Stand that were great. Magneto moving the Golden Gate Bridge was breathtaking. The flair in which he did it was phenomenal. Topping it off with the smirk at the woman in the car was the icing on the cake.

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Verdict: Shouldn’t return

All that said, just like I mentioned Xavier in the beginning, it’s time for a new Magneto. Ian McKellen set the bar for what it means to be a villain. Before Killmonger, Wilson Fisk, and Thanos were on TV and in the movies, Magneto was there fighting for the rights of the oppressed in X-Men movies. Fassbender has been an amazing successor and should continue to be the Master of Magnetism.