Marvel Netflix: Ranking all of Marvel Netflix TV shows

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3. Luke Cage 

At first glance, Luke Cage seemed like a difficult hero to make interesting. After all, how can you defeat a man who is both impenetrable and who possess superhuman strength?

While he did not have the attitude of Jessica Jones or the fighting skills possessed by Daredevil, Marvel Television made his show one of the most unique shows on all of Netflix thanks to the approach taken to presenting his origin story. Instead of focusing on the hero, they focused on world and people around Luke Cage.

The exploration of Harlem and the inner city made the show worth watching. Anyone who grew up in poverty or in the hip-hop culture could relate with the series and the characters introduced within the world. The plethora of villains didn’t make season one feel overcrowded. Cottonmouth particularly made fans tune in thanks to the excellent portrayal by Mahershala Ali.

Luke Cage made it clear that invincibility was just superficial as they made Luke vulnerable in other ways. It’s second season – which is currently available on Netflix, check it out! – further established  Harlem’s hero while also introducing us to even more compelling villains.