Marvel Netflix: Ranking all of Marvel Netflix TV shows

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2. Jessica Jones 

Marvel’s Cinematic Universe still hasn’t provided any of their female heroes with a solo film — though Captain Marvel is currently filming. While the MCU has been dragging their feet on a female-centric film, Netflix has gifted us with Jessica Jones.

What makes Jessica Jones’ show so great is the unorthodox style of her heroism. Krysten Ritter is excellent as the badass who doesn’t exactly embrace being a hero, in fact, she shuns it. Her company, Alias Investigations, allows her to work as a private investigator along with her often unemployed partner Malcolm (Eka Darville). As a PI, she lends her services to those who can pay as she works as a to uncover hidden truths, often associated with people with powers. Jessica plays tough but has often shown vulnerability, compassion, and bravery — still, don’t call her a hero.

Jessica is the alpha and doesn’t rely on the help of a man to save the day. She and her sister Trish, are a dynamic duo despite her not wanting a “sidekick.” Every character has their own tell in Jessica Jones and season two gave fans a true depiction of Jessica’s past. We get to relive her life and understand why she suffers from PTSD. Nevertheless, her show is the impediment of women empowerment and why it ranks No. 2 on our list.