Review: The Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #3, Peter’s normal life


This issue sees the outcome of last issue’s “task” of the battle with Taskmaster and Black Ant. It also reveals just how Peter Parker and Spider-Man were in the same room, and one of our theories was correct. Read on for our spoiler-filled review.

The Clone Saga. Spider-Verse. Spider-Men. These are all comic events that have featured Peter Parker with another Spider-Man. “Spider-Man No More” and “Peter Parker No More” are a couple of Amazing Spider-Man issues that have had Peter abandon one of his identities. In this issue, though, the current Peter and Spidey in the same room situation is a mixture of both.

Spider-Man No More

So, here’s what happened: when Taskmaster grabbed Peter last issue, he unintentionally slammed him into the accelerator (the device that made Peter Spider-Man a long time ago in a comic book far far away). This separated the Peter Parker identity from the Spider-Man identity.

Now, Peter Parker is now free to do whatever he wants, like take his once-again girlfriend Mary Jane Watson on a double date (sort of) at a bowling alley. At the same time, Spider-Man can fight crime as much as he desires, quips and all. However, Peter doesn’t have his Spider powers, and Spidey does not have Peter’s smarts.

Peter Parker No More

Throughout the issue, most of Spider-Man’s time is devoted to taking down the Tri-Sentinel, while Peter lives a more normal life before being called to Doctor Connors again. He tells Peter that he has been performing tests on mice with the accelerator, and it appears that it can separate character traits of the mouse into two separate people.

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Chip Zdarsky will be leaving Spectacular Spider-Man soon. dark. Next

On the down side, Connors claims that it is too dangerous to be tested on humans, as it could separate the good and bad parts of a person. Well, that can only mean one thing: since Peter Parker is not Spider-Man anymore, Spidey doesn’t have Peter’s sense of responsibility, he only has the power. I’m no psychic, but I don’t believe that will end well. Peter is left thinking of the consequences of what happened to him.

The Amazing Spider-Man #3. B. . Nick Spencer, Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn, Laura Martin.

I thought this issue was pretty interesting, as it was a little different (in a good way) to see Peter without powers again. However, I’m already ready for him to get them back. The story is definitely more interesting when he is in full Spider mode. Let’s hope that this doesn’t last too long. Normal Peter Parker is great and more relatable, but there is nothing like Peter Parker balancing his personal struggles with life as the Amazing Spider-Man.