Review: Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man (2017) #309


As Chip Zdarsky’s run on ol’ Spidey is about to come to a close, he gives us a final part to our darker Sandman story started last issue. Read on for our spoiler-filled review.

Spider-Man has faced many villains over the years, each multiple times, and Sandman is no exemption. Our wall-crawling hero first encountered him many years ago in one of the early issues of his comic. But, this time around, Sandman’s different. Last issue, he “died” after being taken to his favorite place one last time by Spider-Man. But, it turns out, while Flint Marko’s body died, he still lives on through sand being controlled by his future self, and boy, do we have new problem.


As J. Jonah Jameson yells at Spidey for letting Sandman go, they suddenly both realize that he is back, in the form of just sand. But, unluckily for them, he is being controlled by his evil future self. Peter then spends the majority of the issue fighting the evil Sandman, or “Glass Fist” as he calls him jokingly.

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When it seems like all hope is lost, some bits of good sand still controlled by present day Flint Marko allows Spider-Man to control them. Using these abilities and some help from the Human Torch, Spidey is able to beat the evil Sandman. While recovering in a hospital room, Spider-Man and (the good) Sandman give each other their last salutations.

C+. . Chip Zdarsky, Chris Bachalo, VC’s Travis Lanham, Livesay, Al Vey, Tim Townsend, Victor Olazaba, Wayne Faucher. . Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #309

Flint (Marko) and Steel

I actually liked this issue better than last issue. I think that it portrayed the main characters of Spider-Man, Sandman, JJJ and even the Human Torch, well. I also appreciated the semi-emotional farewell (for now) to Sandman. But, there is one main issue that I have with this comic that I’ve had with the more recent issues of this series: the art. For some reason, this art feels to me like it is uniquely out of place for a Spider-Man comic.

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I think that it looks to dark and sloppy, unlike the colorful, neatly done artwork of Spidey’s other series. Chip Zdarsky is supposed to be drawing and writing the next issue, his last of the series, so maybe I will like his art style better.