Review: Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows (2015) # 23


The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #23 concludes the tough battle between Mr. Sinister and the Parker family, and maybe even a hiatus on the series. Read on for our spoiler-filled review.

The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows has been covering the adventures of the Parker family (in a world where “One More Day” never happened) for a while now. They’ve faced many challenges, from Oscorp  to the Lizard.

Peter and Mary Jane’s daughter, Annie, has also grown throughout the series. Starting out as a young girl, she has now become a somewhat -experienced teenage crime fighter along with her mom and dad. But, Annie’s skill is tested, along with Peter and MJ’s, when the evil Dr. Sinister recently created tons of evil spider clones. The end of that story arc, “Weird Science”, was presented in this issue.

Something sinister….

The Parker family warns Wolverine that Mr. Sinister is on his way to the X-Mansion to “cute” all mutants. They rush to the mansion after Annie reveals her new future-telling-sense to her parents and Normie (Harry Osborn’s son,who is forced to stay behind.) They arrive just in time as the X-Men are already fighting Mr. Sinister and his Spider clones. Spidey, Spinneret (MJ), and Spiderling (Annie) join in. However, it takes Normie Osborn’s huge Oscorp robot to save the day and stop Mr. Sinister for good, or at least for now.

Wolverine tells the others that Hank, the Beast, should be able to come up with something to cure the affected people, and also Normie, who now has SIX ARMS! The comic ends on a funnier note as Annie tells Peter and Mary Jane that she wants a cooler name than “Spiderling,” like “Skull Spider,” which Peter comically denies.

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Final thoughts

Now, I am not sure whether this is the final issue of the series or not (hopefully not), but I really enjoyed this issue whether it was supposed to be a finale or just set up a hiatus. I have always loved the idea of this series of Peter and MJ being married with a daughter, and it makes it even cooler that they all fight crime together.

. The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #23. A. . Jody Houser, Scott Koblish, Ruth Redmond, VC’s Joe Caramagna, Eduard Petrovich

I really liked the design of the characters and art of this issue, almost as much as The Amazing Spider-Man series. I also love that, even though he is married, Peter Parker is still shown to be the quippy, understanding person with the sense of responsibility we all know and love. If I had to point out one problem though, it would be more with the series than this certain issue. I would like it if they had more larger-scale villains, like some sort of Goblin, or Doc Ock. Other than that, though, I thought this was an amazing Spidey comic.