Black Lightning season 2, episode 3 review: Master Lowry


Jefferson adjusts to new role, Tobias teaches Khalil a lesson, and Jennifer learns to control her powers.

In the previous episode of Black Lightning (“Black Jesus Blues”), a lot went down that will affect the entire series. First, Jefferson Pierce (Black Lightning) found out that his replacement will be white — a big deal since his school is predominantly black and he has to support him no matter what or the school gets closed. This made Jefferson uncomfortable, because this seemed like ploy by the school board. Anissa is feeling herself a bit and has been acting a little more arrogant than we’ve seen her in the past. Also, Jennifer told her ex-boyfriend Khalil (Now Painkiller) to leave her alone. Let’s see if any of these things will come up in this episode. Judging by the title, the new principal will definitely be a major focal point.

Tobias’ teaching methods

One thing that Black Lightning is good for is getting into things immediately. This episode was no different. Tobias catches Khalil not paying attention and begins to teach him a lesson about keeping a schedule. Tobias makes him hold pieces of what looks like reciepts from people they take protection money from. Tobias then burns them in Khalil’s hands. Khalil kept dropping them, as they burned his hand. Tobias was trying to teach Khalil a lesson about keeping a schedule. A lesson that I doubt Khalil understands.

This wasn’t the firs,t and it won’t be the last of the lessons from Tobias. It’s a guarantee that they will get more extreme as the show goes on. Here’s the big question — can Khalil learn anything? Tobias’ methods may seem extreme, but this is an extreme life Khalil is living.

Jefferson vs. Principal Lowry

There was no doubt that there were going to be issues between Jefferson and Principal Lowry. Immediately, Lowry acts as if he’s better than Jefferson by emphasizing that he is to be called Principal Lowry. Jefferson let it go and then asked about the metal detectors. Lowry brushed it off as if it was none of his concern. Lowry is the arrogant man Jefferson hoped he wouldn’t be.

I guarantee the metal detectors are just the start. Soon things like random frisks and police brutality in the school will happen. What is going to be the final straw with Jefferson? He won’t quit on the kids, but at some point Jefferson is going to step up and say something about what’s going on. But, when he does step up, and how will the board react?

Jennifer’s lessons

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Jefferson and Lynn hired Perenna (played by Erika Alexander) to help Jennifer control her powers. When they first met in the park, Jennifer was surprised and none to happy about getting “help” without her permission. Jennifer begrudgingly agreed to accept the help after a heartfelt moment when Jefferson apologizes to Jennifer for giving her powers. Jennifer tries working with Perenna the next day and is surprised by the fact that it may help her.

One of the major things in this season is how Jennifer adjusts to her powers. Unlike her father and sister, Jennifer hates her powers. This seems to be the only way that Jennifer is going to control her powers. This is a great way for Jennifer to practice. It fits her personality. Jennifer isn’t like Anissa who embraced her powers and went out to test them. Jennifer wants to keep them hidden. A great idea by the writers.

Lightning Round

  • Back Lightning is taking the people on Green Light and trying to get them help. Will the optic of a black hero capturing black kids come back to haunt him?
  • Tobias was actually arrested! Jefferson should be happy, but it looks like Jefferson wanted him dead. The real concern isn’t how Jefferson will react, it’s how Tobias will.
  • First Robert Townsend and now Erika Alexander (Living Single). Black Lightning has been making it a habit to bring in black actors the older crowd will appreciate. I wonder who will be next and how long Erika Alexander will remain on the show.

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  • Lynn has a new partner in the lab, and she is an evil person. Even though she has a device made to control her, we know it won’t last. How long until she gets the device out of her ankle and goes after Lynn?
  • Perenna dropping knowledge on the gift and the curse of the black hair salon was deep. I love the random shout outs to Black culture that the show always gives.