Uncanny X-Men: Past stories that will dramatically affect the series

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How can the Uncanny X-Men’s past impact its return to Marvel Comics?

The Uncanny X-Men will be making their return to comic books in a 10-week event. CBR.com reported that the series will start with Jamie Madrox’s (The Multiple Man) dupes attacking the X-Men asking over and over, “Where is Kitty Pryde?” When Matt Rosenberg brought Madrox back in the mini-series Multiple Man, I wondered why he was brought back (not that I’m complaining). It appears that Madrox is just a piece of the puzzle that we’ll be seeing from Uncanny X-Men. Madrox, however, won’t be the only part of the X-Men’s recent history that will come into play in this series.

The X-Men arcs tend to always connect in some way. Over the last 13 years, a lot has happened to the X-Men.

It started with House of M, and this may be the story that puts everything back in order or ends it all. We’ve already seen a change with Black Bolt losing his massive power. It won’t be shocking if there are some major changes to Earth’s Mightiest Mutants. Before you start the new Uncanny X-Men story (which will be covered here), here’s a look at some X-Men titles that will definitely come up or will directly affect this group.