30 greatest Arrowverse villains, ranked

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash in The Flash season 6, episode 16 "So Long and Goodnight" (Photo: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW)
Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash in The Flash season 6, episode 16 "So Long and Goodnight" (Photo: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW) /
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The Flash — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW /

The Arrowverse has introduced several iconic villains, but who are the greatest of all-time?

When Arrow began in 2012, nobody could have possibly imagined the universe that stemmed from it. With The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow, we now have a huge connected universe known as the Arrowverse with a vast array of characters.

Across four different shows, the Arrowverse has showcased a huge number of heroes (we’ve ranked the 30 best). But, a hero is nothing without a good villain to do battle with and as such, we’ve also been introduced to some great foes for our heroes. We’ve already taken a look at the 30 greatest Arrowverse heroes, but now it’s time for the villains to take center stage.

From the humble beginnings of Arrow‘s crooked businessmen and gangsters (with the odd assassin thrown in for good measure), we’ve now encountered villains who range from metahumans to aliens; telepathic gorillas to time demons with each spin-off show introduced a new type of villain. The Flash introduced metahumans, Supergirl introduced aliens and Legends of Tomorrow introduced time demons (amongst others).

But which Arrowverse villains made the biggest impacts and who is the greatest villain in the Arrowverse? Read on and find out!

Arrowverse villains
“Red Faced” — Photo: Darren Michaels/CBS /

30. Red Tornado

Supergirl fought this android after General Sam Lane asked her to test its capabilities. While the android itself wasn’t evil, it was extremely dangerous. Red Tornado was created by Dr T.O. Morrow and was designed to kill Kryptonians. The android took over 11 years and billions of dollars to create.

When the battle began, it seemed that Red Tornado had the upper hand on Supergirl, but she was able to turn things around.

After Kara had caused internal damage to the android and removed one of its arms, its emergency protocols were activated and it flew away. When it resurfaced, Kara was filled with rage during the battle and began violently blasting it with heat vision. Eventually, the robot exploded, but it took such a toll on Supergirl that she had exhausted all of her solar energy and temporarily lost her powers.

The Earth-X version of Red Tornado appeared in Crisis on Earth-X Arrowverse crossover and battled with both the Flash and the Ray. It was the secret weapon of General Winn Schott against the Earth-X Nazis and was sent into action to destroy the portal to Earth-1. Because the Earth-1 heroes were trying to get home, this proved problematic, hence why the Flash and the Ray teamed up to stall the android.