Review: Venom No. 9 brings Eddie a couple surprises


Venom is back with another great issue that starts a new story arc called “The Abyss.” There are spoilers ahead for Venom No. 9.

If dark and twisted stories are what you love, look no further than this new issue of Venom. It brings the darkness of the symbiote out while Eddie tries to sort out his emotions. However, the symbiote isn’t consuming Eddie in this instance. Instead, it comes in the form of a dog and therefore Eddie can’t connect with it.

As Eddie heads back to San Francisco, he’s in search of something and thinks that his father might have the answer. Their broken relationship is depicted well and it is heart-wrenching to see how it all plays out for Eddie. He’s unaware that his father has another son and immediately he regrets even coming there and putting him in harm’s way.

Eddie’s health is declining even more since the symbiote continues to not attach to him. The relationship between him and the symbiote has almost gone sour. It won’t attach to him, but it inserted memories that blur what’s real and what’s fiction. Letting Eddie think he had a sister that his father insists never existed is brutal. He cares for someone who probably doesn’t exist.

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Venom makes me feel like there’s so much more to Eddie Brock and the symbiote that hasn’t been explored before and that’s exciting territory. Ryan Stegman compliments Donny Cates well, too. He does an excellent job of portraying Eddie’s pain and anger. The art style completely fits the story, which just brings the book together as a whole.

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Venom just might be my favorite comic book series of the year. The story is intriguing and I constantly hate waiting a month for each issue. Dive into this series if you haven’t yet. You just might love it as much as I do.