Review: Spider-Force No. 3 puts the team in a tough spot


Spider-Force put together a team of heroes led by Kaine Parker, which wasn’t a good sign from the start. In the final issue, we find out why.

There are spoilers ahead for Spider-Force No. 3.

Spider-Geddon has been the focus of many of the recent Spider-Verse comics. Spider-Force is another one of the tie-ins that had a separate team go out on a mission. With this team, though, the mission was more dangerous than the others. Visiting an Earth full of radiation isn’t a great idea, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Kaine Parker, Jessica Drew, Ashley Barton and Charlie Parker find themselves face-to-face with Verna, who has the crystal that is the key to unleashing Solus. Jessica Drew doesn’t have as much as a problem with the radiation as the others, but the radiation isn’t the only danger they encounter in this issue.

Verna is using some familiar Spidey foes to do her dirty work for her. They’re under mind-control and they distract the heroes just enough for her to get to Jessica. She sends Jessica right to the rest of the Inheritors and we’re left waiting to see what happens.

Things are left fairly open-ended since the story is set to wrap up in the final issue of Spider-Geddon. Overall, I think Priest did a decent job with the story and it was and interesting group of characters to put together. It’s been hard for me to judge these tie-in series since we don’t know how things ends for any of the characters just yet.

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The art didn’t feel as consistent in this issue with two pencilers and three inkers. I find it hard to believe that Marvel couldn’t grab one artist to do the art solo for three issues just so we would have more consistency. That said, it wasn’t bad, either. The art sufficed, I just think it could have been better.

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Spider-Force wasn’t the best of the tie-in series (I think that goes to Spider-Girls), but it did what it needed to do in order to get us to the end of the big event. With the year coming to a close and more happening in 2019 within the Spider-Verse, I’m looking forward to what comes next.

Grade: B-